“I cannot tell you what a wonderful surprise it was to see your excellent workmanship, to recognize your fine hand with a knife, and to hear the mellow sound and feel the playing ease of the instrument.”

Isaac Stern
Violin by Gustav Janzen

“…beautiful and excellent workmanship, the instruments are a nice surprise for musicians that are used to playing on Italian masterpieces. These instruments have a typical Italian character and at the same time each one has its own originality. Bravo!”

Alexander Korchagin, cello
Alexander Galkorsky, viola
Andrei Shishloi, 1st violin
The Shostakowitz Quartet, Moscow

Violins by Gustav Janzen
Viola and Cello by Hermann Janzen

“Since I bought the violin from you I have not performed on my Storioni. I love the instrument and think it is the ultimate in expectations.”

Jerzy Milewski
Soloist and recording artist
Winner of the world competition of Gipsy Music in Hungary and recipient of the coveted Henry Wienawsky Medal

Violin by Hermann Janzen

“The quickest sale of a violin I ever witnessed was certainly for good reason. The instrument, by Hermann Janzen, defied anything modern either in appearance or sound. My sincere congratulations for creating a great fiddle!”

Steven Staryk
Soloist and recording artist
Violin by Hermann Janzen